KNEU Spring Start-Up Boot Camp
29 February 2020 29 February 2020
KNEU Spring Start-Up Boot Camp

On the first day of the startup school, the participants learned the formula of success of building their own business and received practical advice on creating a business plan for opening a business from managing partner of Pro Capital Investment company Pro Capital Antonina Kutova.
She described the features of the business plan as a key document that provides a detailed rationale for the project and the opportunity to fully evaluate the effectiveness of the decisions made. She noted that when you create a business plan, it is important to analyze the market, which will allow you to find new ideas for business implementation.

Oleg Redko, founder and head of the FLAMMA Foundation, a charity consultant, also shared his business experience.
He described how to build relationships in business and attract investors to realize ideas.

The third speaker on the first day of the school's startup was Dmitry Zelenko, a lawyer, co-founder and CLO, specializing in business protection, cyber security measures and integrated IT business support. Dmitry told how to build relationships with partners before starting a business and gave advice on legal aspects of doing business.

In addition, all participants had the opportunity to get a consultation within the business clinic delivered by experts and specialists on issues that cause difficulties in the development of their projects.

Thanks to everyone who joined KNEU Spring Startup Boot Camp and look forward to seeing you next Saturday at 11:00 AM