The second training day of KNEU Start-Up Boot Camp
7 March 2020 7 March 2020
The second training day of KNEU Start-Up Boot Camp

On the 7th of March KNEU hosted the second trainig day of KNEU Startup Boot Camp!

The training was opened by the speaker - Tatiana Mayorova, Doctor of Economics, Professor at Corporate Finance Department in KNEU, with an extremely important lecture about the project planning and budgeting!
She also shared her own experience, in particular, budget schemes and grant applications.

The second speaker was Dmitry Zagorodny, military veteran, co-founder of I'm Ready ( Dmitry told about his experience of starting a business with his brothers: how to start a business by solo and how to dela with obstacles, the ways to promote a new product.
Dmitry also conducted Business Clinic 4.5.0. for military veterans who have been passionate about starting their own business.

Thanks very much to the speakers, students and military veterans  who visited and participated in the startup school and business clinic!